Make More Dough With Facebook Contests!!!


Everybody loves contests and seem to go crazy for them !!

Contests are one of the best ways to increase engagement, fan count, and most of all CUSTOMERS to your location.  When a contest is run effectively it is a great way to build a strong following. People might not know about your location until they have heard about it after their family, friends and social cliques share them – and a contest would definitely help them do just that. With our social media contests, contestants are often urged to voice out and tell their friends and family why you have the best pizza in town!!

Check out a few successful contests we’ve run for a few of your fellow franchisees:

This contest was definitely the cat’s MEOW:

Click here to see the contest and the results »

You should know the answer to this one 🙂

Click here to see the contest and the results »

Can’t get easier than this to Enter!!

Click here to see the contest and the results »

The numbers don’t lie and The Domino’s Corporate office just announced in their last quarterly report that Facebook is one of the top sources of new customers for locations.  If you’re interested in running contests for your locations, we have you covered.  We’re now offering a FREE take over and make over of your Facebook account.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you’re probably wondering how this all works. Here goes:

We’ll “Makeover” your Locations Facebook Fanpage, complete with a custom video banner, Google optimized “about us” descriptions, custom graphics, and more.  This alone is usually a $100 dollar value.

We’ll then “Takeover” your Fanpage to give you a “taste” of the power of Facebook and show you how it will work day and night to make your location more “cheese”. The Free “Takeover” includes running contests to build the buzz and engagement to get customers to your door or to pick up the phone and place that first take out delivery order. The “Takeover” also includes custom graphics and content that shows why you are the best Pizza in town and why your customers just can’t get enough!

If this is something of interest, please book your free, no hassle, no obligation discovery call.  All we need is a few minutes to review the details and we’ll be ready to rock your “Makeover and Takeover”.  We promise not to waste your time, you have nothing to lose, and unlimited customers and profits to gain!

Don’t worry, We’ll do all the work, you’ll get all the customers, but only if you’re the first to take action like this Dominos Pizza fanatic!!

Enter your details now to get started on your FREE Makeover and Takeover

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