Let Us Bring Your Ideal Home Into Life!! A&M Contractors in Houston Is Here Willing to Help You!!


A&M Contractors is a diversified construction service business with a reputation for quality work, business integrity, strong relationships, and long-term repeat business. Our company is built on attention to detail, quality, and timely performance.

“This is an outstanding company run by honest, professional and trustworthy experts in the construction business.”

“Delivering superior service and quality results.”

“They have an honest, hardworking construction team that performs on time and in the best professional manner.”

“It is truly a pleasure working with someone who has the knowledge, expertise, and well regarded in their industry.”

“Best customer service and they’re very honest.”

We are a leading expert in the Houston Area when it comes to site utility construction. Our employees bring more than 25 years of experience in this field and to the Underground Detention Construction. We shine in difficult & complex situations. Please give us a call now at (713) 468-1480 for more information!


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