Searching For A Professional and Honest Pest Control Services in Houston Texas? White Knight Pest Control Got You Covered!!!


We are a local, family-owned and operated business with a passion for making a positive impact on families in Houston. We use our knowledge and many years of experience in the pest control industry to provide effective and safe treatment. We use innovative, non-toxic technology to effectively treat both residential and commercial bed bug infestations. Our approach is thorough and persistent, bringing you fast, conclusive relief.

“Great service!! They seem to care about the job at hand and are very detailed with service plan and process!”

“The initial person I spoke with, Sarah, was fantastic. She set up an appointment for Saturday explaining that she would attempt to have a supervisor come out to diagnose if the ants were carpenter ant or not she kept me informed along the way.”

“Very professional; make sure they completed the job that I paid for and explained what they did.”

“The service was inclusive, very thorough and professional. They were patient to give me time to move my dogs around so as to not be in their way.”

“After battling some type of ant with DIY chemicals, and obviously not winning, I had heard that White Knight was the place to call. Showed up early to the appointment (bonus) and was here treating for about an hour and a half.”

We are dedicated, experienced, we know what we do and will help you. Call us today at (512) 295-0108


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