Let Namco Manufacturing Be Your Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier in Houston, TX!!


Welcome to the Namco Manufacturing located at 1651 Blalock Road, Houston, TX. We have many products that can be used to clean multiple arrays of problems. We also manufacture and sell carpet cleaning equipment and extractors. By using our machines, your business will cut costs and save money! And don’t worry, our machines come with a full warranty and a free training session for the entire maintenance staff.

“I love this place for cleaning supply.”

“Knowledgeable about all their equipment and products best company.”

“Good place for cleaning supplies.”

“Great prices and friendly staff. They have a large showroom with everything you’ll need.”

Namco Manufacturing wants to hear from you! Ask questions, leave a comment, or share a story, if you need immediate assistance from the best commercial & industrial equipment supplier in Houston, TX! Please call us at (713) 932-8293 or visit our website for more information.


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