We provide quality chiropractic care to hundreds of patients in the greater Houston area. Our belief is that every person should live a healthy and pain-free life and that healing comes from within and modern safe chiropractic treatment allows your body to heal naturally. The spinal cord and spinal nerves (nervous system) carry messages from the brain to every cell of your body and back again from every cell in your body to your brain. When there is altered biomechanics or injury to the spinal column or soft tissues of the neck or back, the vertebra can come out of proper alignment, which is termed a vertebral subluxation. These subluxations can cause interference with the messages in your nervous system resulting in pain and a loss of function and health. We use many methods in evaluating our patients to determine if they have spinal subluxations, and where in their spine the subluxations are located. We utilize various techniques and state of the art equipment in correcting our patients' subluxations so they may be pain-free and have a nervous system that is functioning to its fullest potential. We are dedicated to your recovery.

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