Yoga is a non-competitive, non-judgmental form of mind/body exercise that works to develop strength, cultivate flexibility, as well as toning all muscles, improving balance and coordination and eliminating wastes and toxicity from the body. Yoga also helps to reduce stress and tension by soothing the central nervous system. Yoga is totally subjective because everyone's body is different; therefore we honor the body and let go of the ego mind by concentrating on positive, harmonious thoughts. When we can learn to accept the body and lovingly respect it, the body will blossom like a flower, opening one petal at a time. At our yoga studio in Houston, we use positive, supportive mental attitudes during our practice. We open ourselves to experience and express love, peacefulness and vibrant health in every posture. Choose health and join us in our journey of personal growth. Namasté (The light in me honors the light in you)

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